Even a simple stroll may help you fight breast cancer.

Study shows a daily stroll may help ward off breast cancer

If you're going through menopause, you probably have a laundry list of physical and emotional shifts that can leave you feeling frustrated – and have a substantial impact on your inclination toward sexual intimacy. Some of these concerns can be addressed fairly easily with the introduction of a new warming lubricant in the bedroom, for example, while others may require more extensive treatment.

In addition to menopause itself, there is another health-related issue that women of a certain age have to contend with: a heightened risk of breast cancer. Though this disease, which affects one in eight women nationwide at some point in their lives, can affect ladies (and some gentlemen) throughout adulthood, the likelihood of developing it ramps up in your 50s and above – hence the need for those pesky mammograms. However, the American Cancer Society (ACS) has just published a study that bears promising news for women. According to an ACS press release, postmenopausal women may be able to combat their breast cancer risk by simply going for a walk for an hour a day.

Researchers found that female subjects who engaged in moderate physical activity could potentially lower their likelihood of developing breast cancer by as much as 14 percent by walking for seven hours a week. 

"Our findings are particularly relevant, as people struggle with conflicting information about how much activity they need to stay healthy. Without any other recreational physical activities, walking on average of at least one hour per day was associated with a modestly lower risk of breast cancer," said lead researcher Alpa Patel, PhD, in the press release.

It's amazing just how many common ailments can be alleviated or even prevented through all-natural means. With that in mind, consider stocking your cupboards with organic alternatives to everyday products.

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