Vegetarianism can benefit your health in many ways

Study highlights advantages of a vegetarian diet for your waistline

If you've switched to a vegetarian or vegan diet, you've probably noticed the benefits in several ways – both physically and spiritually. In addition to tangible changes to your waistline and blood pressure, for example,  you may also experience a general sense of improved wellbeing – particularly if you've made this switch based on principle rather than dietary need. Whatever your motivations for pursuing this diet, though, it's always great to hear more news about its benefits.

This week, that news comes in the form of a study from California's Loma Linda University. In a large-scale endeavor including more than 71,000 participants – all of whom were males with an average age of 51 – researchers analyzed the body mass index and caloric intake of vegetarians and non-vegetarians to establish the effect of these lifestyle choices on overall health.

Based on their findings, the researchers concluded that vegetarians had slimmer waistlines on average compared to their meat-eating counterparts. In addition, they also consumed more fiber, beta-carotene and other beneficial plant compounds. The overall caloric intake of all participants was roughly equal, the study abstract states. Though nutritional deficiencies were an issue for a small margin of vegetarian participants, overall the study seems to indicate that pursuing this diet can benefit your general wellbeing by limiting the consumption of saturated fats and upping the intake of certain health compounds.

This discovery also reiterates the incredible power of Mother Earth to provide all of the nourishment we need to live full, happy and healthy lives. If you're following a vegetarian lifestyle, consider seeking out all-natural alternatives in every aspect of your life, from facial cosmetics to water based lubricants. You'll be amazed at nature's ability to leave you feeling cleansed and stimulated. 

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