Find a way to get moving in your daily life.

Stand up for your health and happiness!

What can compare to the feeling of your heart pounding, your blood pumping – that burst of adrenaline that comes with physical activity? As exhausted as you may feel after a workout, or even a spirited bit of sexual intimacy, it's hard to deny that it really feels good to push your body to its limits. But the benefits of this exertion extend beyond this sense of accomplishment and euphoria. In fact, making time for some physical activity throughout your day could be the best way to preserve your health and happiness as the years go on.

Life has gotten especially sedentary in the last few years, with many Americans transitioning from stressful office jobs to a relaxing evening of Netflix binges on a regular basis. Given the pressures we're constantly subjected to, it's understandable that you may feel drained, but for the sake of your health it is important to overcome this all-too-common lethargy and get moving.

This week, researchers from Kansas State University discovered that the simple act of breaking up your day with bursts of activity may counter some of the most damaging effects of a sedentary lifestyle and improve the standard of health you enjoy later in life. 

"We're basically telling our bodies to shut down the processes that help to stimulate metabolism throughout the day and that is not good," said assistant professor Sara Rosenkranz in a press release. "Just by breaking up your sedentary time, we can actually upregulate that process in the body. "

How you choose to shake up your schedule is up to you. If you have never been an early morning jogger, there are plenty of other ways to work up a sweat – with or without a bit of arousal gel.

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