A recent study reveals that marriage is linked with greater cardiovascular health.

Marriage doesn’t just make hearts happier—it makes them healthier!

Most married couples would agree that there are numerous benefits to tying the knot with their soulmate. There's nothing better than spending the rest of your life with someone who stimulates you emotionally, intellectually and sexually. Marriage keeps people's hearts happy, and, according to a recent study conducted by New York University's Langone Medical Center, it may even keep them healthy, too. 

Researchers recently studied 3.5 million American adults over the course of five years and discovered that there was a clear link between marriage and cardiovascular health, reports Time.com. The source reveals that married people had a 5 percent lower risk of developing cardiovascular disease than single people—and that divorced people had a 5 percent greater risk. 

According to Medical News Today, senior study author Dr. Jeffrey Berger says that more research is needed to better understand how martial status affects cardiovascular health. However, his hypothesis is that spouses provide an "emotional and physical support system" that may lead to greater overall health. For example, spouses can drive each other to doctor's appointments, remind each other to take medication, encourage healthy lifestyles and more. 

"Our survey results clearly show that when it comes to cardiovascular disease, marital status really does matter," concluded Dr. Carlos Alviar, lead author of the study, in an interview with The Associated Press. 

This news gives married couples one more reason to celebrate their love. Why not remind your spouse how much you value having him or her in your life? Treat your sweetheart to a relaxing, romantic massage using some paraben free massage oil from Blossom Organics!

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