Don't let back pain and soreness keep you from having a good time.

Limber up with this simple, easy exercise

Making love can definitely put some strain on your muscles, especially if it's been a while since your last romp. To spare yourself a day or two of walking like John Wayne, why not pick up a few exercises that can keep you nice and limber between bedroom sessions?

Woman's Day Magazine provided a few tips on one particular stretch that can really enhance your sexual experience. Known as "the happy baby pose" (bear with us), this move requires you to lie down on your back and bend your knees, pulling them up to your chest. Then, place your hands on the outside of each foot and gently let both knees slide down toward the ground. At this point, your shins should be pointing straight up as you push down on your feet to really feel the stretch.

"[This move] will stretch the spine while loosening up the adductor muscles and the hamstrings, which are heavily compromised in traditional positions such as the missionary," said fitness specialist Marta Montenegro in an interview with the source. Not only will this ease some of the strain you feel after the act – it may also enable you to try a few more gymnast-inspired moves!

Working on these muscles in your down time is an excellent way to add a bit more oomph to your sexual encounters. For more tips on keeping nice and limber, check back with this blog. And don't forget that you can always spice things up in an all-natural way by trying out organic lube and other environmentally friendly sex aids!

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