Is anything more arousing than the brain?

Keep your mind sharp with these nutritional tips

As great as the best arousal gel may be, there is nothing more stimulating than the mind. This incredible organ facilitates all that flirtatious banter that really gets you in the mood, and where would any of us be without a few salacious fantasies? So, if you really want to keep your sex life fresh and fun, taking care of your brain is an important place to start.

Recently, Paul Nussbaum of the Brain Health Center in Pennsylvania spoke to PBS NewsHour about the steps we can all take to keep our cognitive abilities in shape as the years go on – particularly in the face of Alzheimer's disease. Nussbaum and his team provided the following suggestions to bulk up your brain power through proper nutrition:

1. Start every day off right with a healthy breakfast.

We'll all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. According to the experts at the Brain Health Center, an early morning meal gives you the chance to load up on important vitamins and minerals – plus it may help you avoid risk factors like obesity.

"Think smoothies, eggs or egg whites, oatmeal with fruit and nuts and other foods that provide a variety of nutrients," the source states.

2. Make your meals colorful.

The colors of your favorite foods say a lot about the nutrients they contain. For a wide variety of brain-boosting compounds, seek out plenty of rich greens, reds and yellows in your produce. Berries have also been shown to pack quite a punch in terms of protective antioxidants, so keep them coming!

3. Stay active.

Though the Brain Health Center stuck to nutritional guidelines, engaging in regular physical activity has also been shown to keep your mental faculties sharp over time. Whether you're an early morning jogger or prefer to get in a cardio session or two between the sheets with your favorite personal lubricants, make time to get your blood flowing on a daily basis.

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