Here are a few ways to enjoy your sex life with a heart condition.

How to enjoy your sex life after a heart problem

As we get older, there are physical complications that everybody has to deal with. One of the most common of these is an issue with the heart, whether they are relatively minor or more serious like a heart attack. While some people might think that a heart condition means the end of sex, the truth is that there are plenty of ways you can enjoy a full and satisfying sex life even when living with a condition in the heart. All you need to do is follow some guidelines in order to make sure that you don't strain yourself physically.

Here are a few tips for having a normal sex life with a heart condition:

  • Go slow: While you want to enjoy everything in bed, it is best to go slow and not do anything at the pace you might have in the past. Slowing things down will reduce the risk of you experiencing any heart palpitations or breathing difficulty.
  • Keep the positions simple: You don't want to engage in sex that will put unnecessary strain on your heart or the rest of your body. It is best to keep the positions simple, so there will be no more physical exertion than is absolutely necessary.
  • Talk to the doctor: Before you jump back into bed, you will want to consult with your physician to make sure that you are able to have sex safely once again.

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