Your sex life depends on how much sleep you get each night.

How to easily fix a low sex drive

Not being in the mood for sex is something that happens to everybody from time to time. This only becomes an issue if you find yourself constantly avoiding sleeping with your significant other, because this neglect of your sex life can have serious consequences for your marriage.

So what is the best way to overcome a low sex drive? According to new research, the answer is simple — just get more sleep. The amount of rest a person gets at night will be directly linked to how often he or she feels like having sex, so getting enough shuteye each night will be crucial.

According to a new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, every hour of sleep one gets increases a person's likelihood of being in the mood for sex by 14 percent. Not only do the chances for sex become higher, but sleep is a key part of a person — particularly a woman — becoming aroused.

The study found that women who sleep longer each night, for at least nine hours, experienced fewer problems becoming physically excited than women who do not sleep enough. The researchers found that women are more likely to be in the mood when happy and free of anxiety, all of which can happen with a good night's rest.

Chronic sleep deprivation in both men and women can often result in lower levels of testosterone, which means not being in the mood for sex. That is why it is so important to get as much sleep as possible each and every night.

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