Depression, pain and diabetes can go hand in hand.

How the sunshine vitamin may help with these diabetic issues

Millions of women across the country suffer from diabetes, a metabolic disorder that can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Diabetes can also lead to many frustrating symptoms on a day-to-day basis, including fatigue, vaginal dryness and depression. For women who are struggling with type 2 diabetes and depression, there is often another overwhelming issue to contend with: pain.

"Pain is a common and often serious problem for women with type 2 diabetes and depression," said Loyola University Chicago research fellow Todd Doyle, Ph,D., in a recent press release. Todd and a team of researchers recently conducted a study regarding the connection between these conditions, and how vitamin D supplements might help address it.

The scientists specifically sought to gauge how vitamin D supplementation affected instances of neuropathic pain (a shooting or burning sensation) and sensory pain (numbness and tingling) among diabetic women who reported signs of depression. They discovered that over the course of six months, taking a dose of the sunshine vitamin each morning was linked to improvements for both concerns. 

The National Institutes of Health have provided a grant to support further research into this relationship, which could help provide relief for countless women whose lives are dominated by this combination of afflictions.

Diabetes is difficult enough on its own, but if you are battling depression and constant pain as well, it could affect your quality of life on many different fronts. Everything from your professional performance to your enjoyment of sexual intimacy can be impaired, so if you have concerns about these issues, don't hesitate to contact a doctor about your options.

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