Find ways to get active this Valentine's Day!

Get active this Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day is practically here, and couples across the country are preparing to show their love. If you're tired of the traditional candle-lit dinner, or are looking for creative ways to supplement your supper, you may want to consider a bit of physical activity too!

As the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) note, February is American Heart Month, and there are plenty of ways to encourage romance without harming your arteries.

"Whether you celebrate Valentine's Day on your own or with someone else, take steps to be a healthy valentine," the source states. "Challenge yourself to be active, healthy, and smoke-free."

The CDC recommends incorporating exercise in your Valentine's Day itinerary. This may sound like a drag at first, but there are actually a lot of wonderful ways to share a bit of alone time with your spouse and get your blood pumping! If you and your loved one enjoy your time at the gym, sharing a workout session may be an option that speaks specifically to your interests. Even going on a long walk or spending some time out in the snow can give you and your partner a chance to just enjoy each other and get a bit playful too!

Of course, if a workout session just isn't your idea of romance – or you happen to be caught in some disastrous weather this weekend – there are plenty of other ways to work up a sweat! Prepare for some indoor recreation with a range of organic lubricants, natural massage oils and other sex aids.

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