A roll in the hay might just help you sleep better!

Could a roll in the hay be the cure for your sleep problems?

We all know how difficult it can be to get a good night's sleep – a landmark 1998 survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that middle-aged American women (We're talking to you, career moms!) get an average of just six hours and 41 minutes a night. Between stress, technology, kids and all of the other things women have going on, sleep is often the last thing on their minds.

However, taking the attitude that you can sleep when you're dead may just be disastrous for your health, as we've mentioned previously on this blog. A new survey could have the answer to all of your problems, though, and you might be surprised at its findings.

The Daily Mail, a U.K. newspaper, reported the results of a survey conducted by Sanctuary Spa, which found that nearly 20 percent of women slept better (and longer) after some fun between the sheets. Fifty-five percent reported that the best cure for a sleepless night was much simpler: a good book.

Nichola Joss, a skincare expert with Sanctuary Spa, told the source, "A good night's sleep can undoubtedly be difficult to come by. It's important to prepare the mind and body for sleep with a calming pre-bed routine."

And there really is nothing like a little bit of R&R with your partner before dozing off! If you're looking to get in some more "you time" before bedtime, make sure you have the best personal lubricants and arousal gels ready to go – they're sure to get things going right!

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