This Thanksgiving, shift the focus from the food.

Can Thanksgiving be a healthy holiday?

Trying to maintain a healthy diet can prove challenging with so many convenient processed goods to choose from on a daily basis. However, nothing can compare to the endless stream of temptation that characterizes the holiday season. Even if you opt for for a platter of Tofurkey and other delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes this Thanksgiving, it's hard to deny that this holiday is all about excess.

Whatever your dietary restrictions may be, portioning will always be an important part of maintaining your health. But Thanksgiving has basically become a celebration of gluttony, making it the antithesis of a balanced diet. So, is it possible to truly enjoy this holiday without succumbing to gluttony? The answer, thankfully, is yes!

There are several approaches you can take to cut down on the amount of calories on your dinner table. Choosing organic and low-sodium options when possible, for example, is one simple method of doing so. Plus, filling up on healthier foods like oatmeal and fresh produce before the main meal is also a great way to give yourself an extra line of defense to go alongside your self-discipline.

Perhaps the most beneficial step you can take, though, is to try and encourage an ideological shift among your loved ones this Thanksgiving. How? By orchestrating activities or even a family outing that places the focus more squarely on togetherness than on food. This won't make your sweet potato platter any less tempting, but making this meal a secondary attraction can keep you from obsessing over it!

Once the family festivities are over and done with, you and your partner can also create a few new Thanksgiving traditions of your own. When you add new sex aids and water based lubricant to the mix, the leftovers in the fridge will be the last thing on your mind!

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