Enjoy a nutty snack for better health.

Are these snacks the key to a longer, healthier life?

We talk a lot about sexual health and intimacy on the blog, but the best way to make the most of your water based lubricants isn't solely stocking up on aphrodisiacs and checking off the items on your to-do list. It's taking care of yourself. After all, when you feel good thanks to a healthy lifestyle, that exuberance will carry over into all aspects of your daily routine – including your exploits between the sheets.

With that in mind, the results of a new study could definitely give you some food for thought. According to reports, a joint endeavor between the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and the Harvard School of Public Health in Massachusetts has revealed the simple act of snacking on almonds, pecans and other nuts could be a boon for your long-term health, reducing the risk of serious medical conditions including heart disease, cancer and more.

The researchers reviewed 30 years' worth of data to determine how nut consumption affected major mortality factors, and though they couldn't establish a clear cause and effect, their findings supported previous studies that have linked nuts to improved heart function and general health. 

In a press release distributed by ScienceDaily, the researchers explained that this correlation may be partially caused by the fact that snacking on nuts may keep individuals from seeking out less favorable fare like candy, potato chips and other processed goods. So, the next time you find yourself craving something savory, consider reaching out for some heart-healthy trail mix.

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