Here are a few ways sex can improve your physical health.

3 ways sex can positively effect your health

As any expert will be able to tell you, having sex regularly will be beneficial to your overall health. Although this is a topic that you might be a little bit uncomfortable talking about out loud, it is important to recognize what a crucial role sex has in keeping you happy and healthy both physically and emotionally. Even if you do not have somebody that you are in a relationship with, an active sex life is still a vital part of who we all are. If you want to keep your body in top shape, be sure to get busy between the sheets on a frequent basis.

Here are a few health benefits of having sex regularly:

  • Better sleep: Nothing can relax us more than spending some time with a partner in bed. After you are both done, it will be much easier for you to fall into a deep sleep quickly. This will make each day better, as you will be well-rested and ready for any situation.
  • Cuts down stress: One of the major benefits of sex is how it can lower your stress rates. Studies have shown that people who have sex on a frequent basis – at least once or twice each week – are more likely to be able to handle stressful situations with ease.
  • Pain relief: While many people might not think of sex as a way to relieve pain, it is an effective way to do so. This is especially true for headaches and migraines, as both men and women were found to have stopped experiencing that pain after sleeping with their partner.

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